In their natural state and in captivity, the scabs and scars of reptiles, the missing claws and spines and the shedding patches of skin, do not detract from their underlying magnificence. 

I try to create a strong sense of realism in my sculptures whilst at the same time, enhance their most beautiful and decorative characteristics.

Although reptiles and amphibians predominate as Jill Moger's subject matter, she has created sculptures of many other wild animals. She is particularly drawn to the variety of life on and around the world's coral reefs and has been creating a series of work on this theme. Coral reefs are seriously endangered due to global warming and pollution and Jill believes that artists can help to highlight this impending disaster through their work.

The usually life-sized ceramic sculptures, each individually modelled and intricately detailed, are made of high-fired stoneware or porcelain clay, fired in an electric kiln and enhanced by further firings to fix the various glazes, enamels and metallic lustres. Sometimes, more complicated structures are made in parts and assembled using a variety of media. Jill also works on ideas involving insect subjects, using porcelain and wire. 

Hydrothermal Vent

Hydrothermal Vent
Sea Chimney
stoneware ceramic
6ft 1in (183cms) high.

Reptile to Reef


by Jill Moger

New hardback book available to purchase via
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